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My Dream is Now REALITY!

I did it! and I’m happy to share this incredible news with all of you!
After years of playing, composing and trying to share my works with all the people around the world I can finally say that my music is finally spread everywhere and that is the most important thing ever happened since I started publishing my material on line…
Now, I like to share my achievement with all my people here so I just wrapped some of the Spotify statistics of the last 28 days so you all can see what is happening, isn’t that amazing?? I mean more than 7000 monthly listeners!!!  spotify1spotify2
– What can I say more; I crushed 4 millions views on my YouTube Channel and I sold my Arcandia CD worldwide with BandCamp and now I have this Milestone in my career and I can’t be happier than this! My goal with music was not to become rich but to share it and get the more people possible … and I DID IT! thanks to all of you!
NOW – I have more motivation to continue and make this dream even bigger and I have a lot of projects to work on so, check back my website soon.
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