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BLEED official Lyric video out now!

In Music, I always give 100% and I’m happy to share this song after one month of hard work between audio and video.
This song it was written by Angel Dust late in 2000, I still remember the first day I heard it with my friend and musician Gabriels years ago, the fact that today I still think about it as one of the best composition I’ve ever heard is an important motivation that give us the necessary strength to try to record it and make our own version.
It was a hard work, I have to say, especially for my vocal parts and the piano arpeggio, Gabriels struggled a lot to work on piano intro, rehearsal in the studio for like half an hour no stop before finding out each note on it (here the video log of this story)
The original vocals were something between the 80′ classy vocals, a blend of “Scorpions, Bon Jovi, Freddy Mercury”  with a taste of old “Savatage” sound and “Bruce Dickinson – Chemical wedding” era; With all this elements mixed together in my head I tried to give the same emotion of the original version.
The original guitars were “wall-of-sound-like” and very heavy.. maybe too much for my taste (and I’m a guitarist) so what I tried to do in my own version, mixing all without having a prominent instrument, except for the vocals.
Also – This song is the first one where I personally worked on my first lyric video.
In the beginning the idea was to make a real performance video but I thought that I have already too many of it in my YouTube so for this one I tried something different, I love to use post-processing software and I think the final result it’s epic and with a great impact. What also inspired me to work on a kinetic lyric video it’s the song itself… there is an important message inside that explains how mass-media often uses (and abuses) all the negativity in this world to feed people’s fears and make them more uncomfortable, powerless and frustrated.
Enjoy “Bleed” then and I hope it will give you the same emotion that gave to me years ago.

Audio Version here: