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YOUTUBE WORKS (last update 26/01/2013)

26/01/2013: Veritas (Kamelot Guitar Cover -HD)

29/11/2012: Hundred Years Have Passed (Dragonland Guitar Cover -HD)

17/11/2012: This is the End (Machine Head Guitar Cover – Multicam HD)

15/11/2012: Locust (Machine Head Guitar Cover – Multicam HD)

08/11/2012: A farewell to Arms (Machine Head Guitar Cover – Multicam HD)

20/05/2012: I’m Alive! (Helloween Guitar Cover – Multicam HD)

22/03/2012: Oops! I did it Again Rock Version (Britney Spears Cover)

21/03/2012: Top Gun Anthem (Steve Stevens Guitar Cover)

20/03/2012: Yard of Blonde Girls (Jeff Buckley Cover)

20/03/2012: Eternal Life (Jeff Buckey Cover)

20/03/2012: Mojo Pin(Jeff Buckley Cover)

20/03/2012: Lilac Wine (Nina Simone Cover)

12/03/2012: the Final CountDown (Europe Guitar Solo)

10/03/2012: War of the Universe (Luca Turilli Guitar Cover)

26/02/2012: Black Dragon (Luca Turilli Guitar Cover)

19/02/2012: Sons of Skyrim (Symphonic Power Metal Version!)

05/05/2011: Merlin – Legend of the Past (Freedom Call Guitar cover)

19/02/2011: Sweet Child o’ Mine (Guns n’ Roses Guitar cover)

15/01/2011: Panic “Drum” Attack (Dream Theater Drum cover)

28/10/2010: From the Ashes (Gamma Ray Guitar cover)

11/07/2010: Lemon Tree (fool’s garden voice cover) 1.550.000 views + 784 Likers!

30/05/2010: the Godfather Parody – Tony & the Goodguys!

30/03/2010: Key to the Universe (michael kiske voice cover)

28/01/2010: Enter Sadman (metallica guitar cover)

25/01/2010: Losfer Words (iron maiden guitar cover)

10/11/2009: Hallelujah (jeff buckley voice & guitar cover)

10/11/2009: Opened Once (jeff buckley voice & guitar cover)

30/10/2010: Official Website video intro

08/10/2009: Phantom of the Opera (iron maiden guitar cover)

26/02/2009: Last Horizon (brian may guitar cover)

27/12/2008: Super Mario Bros Medley (drum – midi cover)

31/08/2008: A New Guitar!! B.c.Rich virgo!!

13/04/2008: CANON ROCK

09/03/2008: I Don’t Care (by Antonio Pantano from ispiration of Prince of Persia)

16/10/2007: Sorrow (Bad Religion Guitar Cover)

13/01/2007: Tough Boy (Hokuto no Ken 2) (voice & guitar cover) 45.000 views!

05/12/2006: Are You Gonna Be My Girl & Smoke on the Water (LIVE SAMPLE)

23/10/2006: Antonio Pantano & Gabriels – I Can’t Live Forever (to the 11/09 victims)

19/10/2006: Hangar 18 (megadeth guitar cover) 36.000 views & 86 comments + 100 likes!

19/10/2006: Duke Nukem Theme (megadeth guitar cover) 186.000 views – 410 comments & 800 likes!

19/10/2006: Tough Boy (tapping solo) 84.000 views!

19/10/2006: ORION (metallica in santana guitar style!)

19/10/2006: Smoke on the Water (deep purple guitar cover)


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